Sunday July 7th -13th from 11 A. M. to 11 P. M.

The shuttle starts at the Boyd Avenue Gate and then continues down Fair Park Avenue.  It then turns left onto Logan’s Lane and makes a stop at the West Union Municipal Building.  The shuttle proceeds to turn right onto North Street and then makes a stop on the corner of North Street and Market Street.  From there it turns left onto Market Street and goes to the courthouse where it stops. Then the shuttle turns left onto Main Street and goes all the way to the Alpine House on Wilson Drive where it makes a stop in the front parking lot and circles back around to go back to Main Street. The shuttle then turns left onto Main Street and heads to the Catholic Church.  Anyone parking at Farm Services will need to walk up to the Catholic Church parking lot.  The Shuttle then continues down North Street and then turns right onto Boyd Avenue back to the fairgrounds.

Shuttle service is provided by:

 FRS Transportation

SkinnyFest Bluegrass Festival

~ Listen to C103 or any shuttle changes ~